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My clients have gone to market in 50% less time and 30% more money without financing.

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My clients have launched over 58 companies with strategic plans for sustainable recurring revenue.

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Patience Rose, Certified Value Builder™ Business Advisor

Who I am

As a Strategic Navigator, I turn research and analytics into strategic approach in guiding you along your clearest path of purpose. Through my proven and perfected process, I can and will help you get measurable results, create predictable recurring revenue, build legacy and reclaim time and your freedom! Use the link below and let’s plan your next level of greatness.

How I Help

A proven Global CEO with extensive experience in business coaching, strategic planning working in diverse industries, I use proven methods to help you escalate the value of your company no matter what your end game is. 


100 %

Proven Perfected Processes

50,000 +

Valued Verified Businesses

30 +

Years Experience

71 %

Avg Value Increase in 12 Mths



Why Me?

I systematically navigate clients to sustained profits and legacy.

Who Have You Worked With?

My client roster is expansive. I have worked with many companies and entrepreneurs leading them to profitability strategically such as Funding Your Cause, Dream Maker Homes, AllianceFund, Nationwide Athletes, Household Literacy, 619 Productions, Kemp Leadership Academy, My Brothers Keeper, I Live One Day at a Time, Plane Jane, It’s Going to Be Ok and many others.

Do Your Systems Work?

I use scientific methodologies proven to make your business and products sustainable. The system will also increase the value of your business. If we look at the acquisition offers clients who use our systems have received, the average offer is 3.5 times pre-tax profit.

Will Your System Work For Me?

Yes. Regardless of the industry you’re in or the size of your company, going through our systems can create impressive returns for you.

Why Should I Have A Business Coach?

All champions have a coach that assists them with performing at their maximum potential.

How Long Does It Take?

Over 8 months of the valued verified study, each company invested 3 hours per month in order to improve their businesses using just one of our proven and perfected processes.

Do I Have to Be Local?

Due to the technology innovations I use, my services and programs can be deployed globally.

How Can I Get Started?

If you have a business, you can get started today by going to http//:www.valuemybusiness.red to receive your complimentary business assessment and valuation. A navigator will contact you within 48 hours. If you are new go to www.scheduleme.world for your complimentary strategy session.




Jerry Mastroeni

When I assign Patience a project she has skill sets to find the answers & create the tools & infrastructure to accomplish the delivery of my vision & assignment. Her passion for wisdom drives her to the answer where ever it takes her. I have trusted my proprietary business strategies in the greatest of confidence. Her integrity is a great asset to me & her.

Curtis ‘Action’ Jackson

Red Worldwide Inc. is absolutely & unequivocally one of the best business support systems in the metroplex! The level of care & competency are second to none! I strongly recommend their business support systems, insight & foresight as a invaluable resource to go & grow both personally & professionally.

Markesha Tisby

Red has been a huge blessing to me and my small business. I recently received the Small Business Grant. My sessions with Mrs. Patience Rose are invaluable. She possesses a wealth of knowledge and makes me feel like my success is her success. I could not ask for better support or customer service.

Tori Aldridge

In Patience Rose we gained tremendous capacity building support. She had ideas which transformed and expanded our way of thinking to build our organization wide and deep and that allowed us to realize 5X the revenue in the first three months!


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